Introducing FauxMeaux 2.0 (patent pending)

I am very excited to introduce a new concept in social media advertising that will benefit all parties involved.

The Problem: Ads suck

Social media ads are disliked by most users. this is an unvalidated claim that I’m nevertheless comfortable making. A user scrolling through their feed has little or no interest in seeing ads. Additionally, an ad today will be disguised as a post or a tweet, with only a small indication that its promoted or sponsored.

The Solution: FauxMeaux 2.0

The concept is so simple, every nth post is covered by an ad. to get to the post you simply need tap or click on the ad, thi makes the ad go away, and now you can view the post. There are many positive implications to this method.

To get a better feel for the experience, please watch this video.

I will go through them by showing the problems they solve.

Problem: Users have mostly negative associations with ads.

Solution: There are at least two positive associations from tapping the ad to see the post;

  1. The satisfaction of cleaning up garbage by getting rid of the post.
  2. The joy of uncovering a surprise. The user knows that beneath every ad lies the sweet surprise of a hidden post.

Problem: Users don’t like ads.

Solution: tap them and they go away!

Problem: Social media companies must track user activity to gain insight on their preferences.

Solution: Users are motivated to interact with ads,

Problem: Gauging user sentiment towards ads is very difficult.

Solution: Users are highly motivated to interact with ads, therefore, it’s not a stretch to offer some options like 👍 and ‘don’t show this ad again’.

Problem: Ads are disguised as posts.

Solution: Now, since users want to uncover the post beneath the ad, there is no longer a need to disguise them, in fact users will now be excited to see ads because they know there is a sweet surprise waiting for them beneath.

Problem: Users have no motivation to interact with ads.

Solution: There is a post waiting for you under this ad… tap!

I'm a fullstack developer with a long history of SQL messaroundery.