Let’s make a keyboard shortcut that you can click in any active window that will pause your YouTube tutorial.

Step 1. Get the Chrome Extension

Click on the extension and go to settings.

Long Answer

You’re dead if nobody knows you

The Problem: Ads suck

The Solution: FauxMeaux 2.0

Cart -< CartItem >- Item
Purchase -< PurchaseItem >- Item

When it’s the DOM, and you’re a beginner.

An Upside Down Tree

st. barnabas umc tree damage

  1. Add a login, includes login form, path, and controller method.
  2. Configure our app to allow a restaurant session.
  3. Address shared paths
  4. Restricting paths only available to one login type.

Add a Login

How to avoid method naming conflicts in ActiveRecord when one model is associated to another model in more than one way.

class Image < ActiveRecord::Base
class User < ActiveRecord::Base

Berel Levy

I'm a fullstack developer with a long history of SQL messaroundery.

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